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Data Protection Policy

The website uses a mailing system for answering the questions of its visitors and online appointment bookings. Users are requested to provide their name, phone number and e-mail address. Agrion West Ltd. handles all of these data confidentially.


The owner of this website is Agrion West Ltd. Copying and duplication of any content or formal elements of this website are solely permitted with the consent of Agrion West Ltd. The author of the complete website as a collective form is its editor, though their copyrights do not concern the individual rights of the collected intellectual properties’ authors.


Cookies are functions that a website sends to its users through its webserver at the time of their first visit, with the intention to store data on their habits and the settings of their devices (e.g. tablet, cellphone). Accepting them is harmless, furthermore even recommended as they make the browsing experience smoother, tailor-made to personal needs. Cookies do not provide specific data on users but serve as a statistic base when choosing the right direction of development, resulting in a better-built, user friendly and properly functioning website.

What type of cookies does use?

Our website, uses cookies necessary for measuring Google Analytics traffic. These cookies kept stored for 1 year.

Cookies register the following data:

  • IP-address
  • Type of browser and characteristics of the device used
  • Time and duration of visit
  • Address of the last, previously visited website
  • Functions used

A cookie-k jogszabályi háttere és jogalapja:

Data handling is based on the CXII. Act of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information (Information Act), on the CVIII. Act of 2001 on Certain Aspects of Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services (E-Commerce Act), furthermore on the directions of the C. Act of 2003 on Electronic Communications.

In accordance with the a) point of the 5. § (1) section of the Information Act, the claim of data handling is your voluntary consent.