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Our story

In the Kovács family, the winemaking takes place from father to daughter. László Kovács founded the current Kovács Winery in 1999 and enriched the vineyard inherited from his grandparents with his own vineyards. Since then, the purchase and establishment of new plantations with increasingly high-quality crops and the development of viticulture have continued. After all, we never lose sight of the goal that has already inspired our ancestors: our mission remains to produce wines that best express the magical diversity of the Mátra. In 2011, the winemaker's daughter, Zita Kovács, returned to the tradition of her predecessors, so today she is also a pillar and enthusiastic member of the family business alongside her father. By 2020, we have reached the point where our winery, which has so far delivered its best wines to several European countries, will continue to expand: we plan to have Mátra wines available throughout Europe.

Our mission is to create wines that embody all the unique flavours of the Mátra region.



In addition to the family heritage, in 2011 we cultivated and replanted nearly 70 hectares, reaching the total area of roughly 110 hectares. From the summer of 2015, our new plantations are constantly coming to fruition, so every year we offer a richer variety of wines and more and more high-quality nectars to the wine lovers visiting us. In 2020, we completed the expansion of our plant, which now has a capacity of 5,000 hectoliters. Thus, in addition to our knowledge and our 110-hectare estate, we also have the capacity to serve a large volume of domestic and European consumers.

The excellent positioning of the estate’s vineyards is most favourable to the cultivation of Irsai Olivér, Italian Riesling and Hárslevelű (Feuille de Tilleul), but we pay great attention to red varieties as well. Our colourful wine palette includes superbquality Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Tempranillo, too.

László is responsible for the professional guidance, while Zita participates in the sparkling everydays of the estate as a host and the person in charge of marketing. Our work is also supported by a young and dynamic team, fully dedicated to the beauty of winemaking.

We would like to invite you to join us on a pleasant walk and get to know our winery in person.

Visiting the Estate


’Where the Sun meets the mountains’ – this is how Gyöngyös, center of the Mátra Historical Wine Region aptly describes itself. Within only 80 kilometres from Budapest, in its proximity we also find Gyöngyöstarján, an immediate neighbour of the Mátra Mountains.

472 hectars well-covered with grapes, framed by tame hills under the woody mountains: the gatekeepers of Alföld’s infinite plains. Like a loving parent, Mátra protects the area from the cold Northern winds, creating an ideal microclimate for vine cultivation. The Kovács vineyards too, enjoy the sheltering embrace of the mountains.

The range once emerged from the sea as a result of volcanic activity, most favourably to winemaking. In comparison to the other Northern regions, we have much more sunshine, milder winters and less precipitation. These make the local grapes rich in sugar, that enables us to create aromatic, spicy and harmonic wines with high alcohol content.

Where the Sun meets the mountains